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Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 2 Slopes / Hazard Areas

Titay Local Shelter Plan – Chapter 2 Slopes / Hazard Areas

Land characterized as mountainous and strongly sloping is unevenly distributed in different barangays. Only Barangay Azusano and Dalangin Muslim are plain and flat. The mountainous areas are found in barangays of Kipit, San Isidro, New Canaan, Namnama and Tugop Muslim. Barangay Kipit has its peak  of 893 meters above sea level. The rest of the land is moderately sloping and nearly gentle its nature.
It is shown on the map that 0-8% slope is level to undulating and so far it covers the largest portion of the area of the municipality and it is followed with 8-18% slope, undulating to rolling which has an area of 4,944.049 hectares. The least occupied slope is above 50% slope and considered as mountainous having an area of 2,318.179 hectare
2.1.5 Vulnerability to Multiple Hazards
Landslides and Flood
The plains of Azusano usually visited with floods almost every year and leaved damages every time there floods almost every year and leaved damages everytime the flood subsided.
The Office of the Agricuture ( See Annex 8 – Titay, Lowland Rice Damage, 2010) has recorded lowland rice crop damage of 5 Barangays and that were Namnama, Palomoc, Achasol and Azusano.  There has a total of 400.12 hectares of land affected with flood which resulted to an estimate of 652.96 metric tons of rice loss in which amounted to P 31, 374,409.22.  There are cases of landslides in some barangays like in the case of Palomoc but there has no damage recorded or loss of lives and propereties.
Municipality of Titay has hazard areas and that are landslides and flood.  The most prone on land slides is found almost all the area of barangay San Isidro, portion of Longilog, San Antonio and Dalisay considering the 50% and up slope. There are also barangays prone to landslides and that are found in Palomoc, Culasian, Malagandis, Supit, Tugop Muslim and kipit. While barangay prone to flood are Bangco, Azusano, Dalangin, portion of Namnama, Poblacion, Achasol and Tugop.   While Almost all parts of Dalangin are prone to flood.
The SW4 is prone to flood considering that the area is just like basin during heavy rain that catches all the excess water from surrounding uplands and water from 2 rivers that coming from the municipality of Kalawit that met somewhere in Barangay Namnama. These water from 2 rivers usually overflow and occupied some parts of plains and drainage is so limited and can’t accommodate all the water right away, instead, some barangays were flooded for several days enough to make damages on rice fields drained. The SW5 showed that it is prone on moderate to high susceptibility of landslide followed by SW1.
–  On how denuded is the catchments area or forestland is also the ratio of its susceptibility to landslides and flood. It is found out also that there are 20 to 100 settlements or households presently residing at Tugop Muslim that is prone to Landslide.
–  There are 100 to 300 settlements or households found at Barangay Azusano that is high susceptible to flood.

Presence of Hazard areas in terms of Epee Center & Faults
Titay has Epee 

Center and that is somewhere between in Barangay San Isidro and San Antonio.  It was recorded that this Epee center has experienced a ground shaking on March 1, 1964 at 12.54 PM/AM with a  7.3 magnitude.
                Severe ground shaking usually starts from Epee Center. When the Epee center shakes, simultaneously the impact will be distributed gradually to the fault lines. Nearby barangays who have distinct faultlines will shake too that affected or the the whole municipality or even wider which depends upon the magnitude.
When global warming continues to intensify due to deforestation, there has a tendency that this Epee Center will be affected and will have again a ground shaking or earthquakes.
The above figures would help local government to evaluate what are the necessary moves when it comes to structures and infra projects for the development of the municipality and for the safety of the constituents.
The municipality of Titay has distinctive and visible fault lines. Barangay Kipit has 3 fault lines while Tugop Muslim has one faultline. Two fault lines parallel with each other having an average distance between them of 1,573.39 meters traversing Titay. One of the fault lines traversing Titay passes in Palomoc, Namnama, Poblacion, Dalangin Muslim, Dalangin, Acasol and down to San Antonio. While the  other fault line that  traversing across  are Culasian, Malagandis, Dalangin, Poblacion Muslim,  Mabini and again in San Antonio.

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